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Our past experiences, as laid down in one of the chapters to follow, obviously suggests that the magnitude and nature of a project are no longer a bar on us.  Yet we hereby enumerate the types of projects that we deal in.

1.     Residential, Commercial, and Institutional Buildings

2.     All kinds of Industrial Civil and Structural Works, such as

·        Sheds

·        Godowns

·        Shop Floors

·        Foundries

·        Refineries

·        Silos

·        Effluent Treatment Plants

·        Boiler Houses

·        D.G. Rooms

·        Heavy Machine Foundations

·        Water Retaining Structures

·        Administrative, Worker Amenities Buildings

·        Other Utilities

3.     Mass Concreting Works

·       Rigid Pavements (PQC)

·        R.C.C. Roads

4. All kinds of Developmental Works, such as,

·        Compound Walls

·        Roads

·        Compound and Colony Development

·        Drainage and Sanitary

·        Water Supply.



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